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Build Date: 2024-05-07
Build Number: 4632

This is a cumulative patch file to fix the bugs of EditPlus 5.7.

Copyright © 1998-2024 ES-Computing

- Fixes an issue with ctags feature where 'Go to Definition' could fail sometimes.
- Fixes a program crash when trying to re-open file from deleted FTP account.
- Fixes an issue where screen update could be incorrect when selecting right-to-left text.
- Playback Recording now delays screen update until playback stops.
- Fixes an issue where automatic update of matching tag didn't work on closing tags.
- Output Window now shows a close button.
- Fixes "Server refused to open a channel" error message on some sftp servers.
- Fixes "Could not create K value" sftp error message on Win 8.1 machines.
- Fixes php auto completion error for 'else'.
- Fixes an issue where keystroke recordings in Hangul couldn't be saved correctly between sessions.
- Supports EditPlus menu item in the Windows 11 right mouse button.
- Fixes an incremental search issue on the Directory Window.
- Fixes an issue where 'External browser - Firefox' option didn't work.
- Fixes an issue where starting the program on non-admin account could cause crash.
- Fixes a word highlighting issue when using Hangul IME input.
- Fixes an issue where upload by dropping file on directory window could affect base local directory option.
- Fixes an issue where downloading large file from sftp could cause 'Socket is not ready for use' error.
- sftp supports ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 host key algorithm.
- Fixes excessive slow down when deleting large column selections.
- Fixes duplicated EditPlus icons in the extended context menu on Windows 11.
- Fixes an issue where HTML Tidy command would run through WSL even when tidy is installed locally.
- Fixes an issue where previous patch couldn't connect to sftp server with ssh-rsa hostkey algorithm.
- Fixes an issue where color button on the Colors dialog box didn't show correctly when applying changes.
- Fixes 'socket is not ready' sftp error when connecting to SSH-2.0-libssh_0.9.6 server.
- Fixes an issue in the previous patch where task bar icon didn't show when starting from right mouse button.
- Improves loading speed when opening files with long lines.
- Fixes slow down when clicking long lines.
- Fixes an emmet issue where some snippets like input:b couldn't be expanded.
- Fixes an error when downloading file from SFTPGo servers.
- Fixes an issue where running 'Save As' command on read-only files would fail with error message.
- Fixes persistent sftp hostkey change warnings when connecting with different port on the same server name.
- Fixes an issue where 'Show FTP Log' option could cause program crash when using Pageant.
- Fixes an sftp issue with SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_9.3p1 sftp server.
- Fixes an issue where function list could show commented functions.
- Fixes a possible program crash when running Undo command in right-to-left text.

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