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DATE: 2021-07-06
BUILD: 3571

This is a cumulative patch file to fix the bugs of EditPlus 5.4.

Copyright © 1998-2021 ES-Computing

- Fixes an issue where Up/Down button on the Window List could cause a tab disappear from the Document Tabs.
- Fixes an issue where file list on the Directory Window could be accidentally hidden when changing window size.
- Fixes an issue where regular expression \s could not match newline character.
- Fixes 'could not create E value' error on some sftp servers.
- Fixes an issue where Up/Down button in the Window List didn't' work correctly.
- Right-clicking project icon on the document tabs now shows project list.
- 'Run new instance when opening from command line' option ('Preferences'->'General').
- Fixes an issue where opening multiple files from command line didn't work with files on mapped drive.
- Fixes an issue where side panel could be hidden and were not able to be shown from menu command.
- Fixes an issue where double click from Explorer could fail on mapped drive.
- Fixes an issue in the previous patch where 32-bit version couldn't run on Windows 7.
- Fixes 'host key does not match the signature' error message with some sftp servers.

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