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DATE: 2021-11-25
BUILD: 3643

This is a cumulative patch file to fix the bugs of EditPlus 5.5.

Copyright © 1998-2021 ES-Computing

- Fixes unnecessary refresh of Directory Window when uploading or downloading remote files.
- Fixes an issue where drag and drop column selection didn't work between two running instances.
- Fixes an issue where 'Customize Date/Time' didn't update changes from menu selection correctly.
- Fixes 'Invalid packet size' error on some sftp servers.
- Fixes an issue where FTPS didn't work with some FileZilla server configurations.
- Fixes an issue where file path on the title bar could be corrupted when opening from recent file list.
- Fixes an issue where hex "a0" (non-breaking space) wasn't treated as delimiter.
- Fixes an issue with the Store version where 'Capture Output' user tool option didn't work.
- Supports "rsa-sha2-256" for sftp server host key algorithms.
- Fixes an issue where 'Reload unsaved buffers' option could cause program crash.
- Fixes an issue in the previous patch where 'HTML Color' toolbar button didn't work.

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