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Please use 'Find' command of your browser to search a file. (2022-02-04)
Converter for CSV-structured data as HTML-table - RVC-Medical-IT(c) (2015-04-06)
JSON beautifier text filter - W. Jordan (2015-01-12)
Performs math calculation against selected text (updated) - W. Jordan (2011-12-16)
Scripts for processing #INCLUDE instruction in STX & ACP files. Click here for more info. - W. Jordan (2010-09-16)
Right Fill Line: filling the line until a certain column with a predefined character - Royaljerry [Pócs Ádám] (2010-09-13)
Join multiple lines to a comma separated single line (updated) - W. Jordan (2010-07-19)
The script creates a framed text from a newline-separated string. - Royaljerry [Pócs Ádám] (2010-07-19)
The script changes accented characters to their "basic latin" counterparts (E.g. á -> a, ö -> o). At the moment only the Hungarian accented characters are implemented -- you can expand the sets in the CHARS_DICT array. - Royaljerry [Pócs Ádám] (2010-07-19)
The script makes an ordered list from a newline-separated string. - Royaljerry [Pócs Ádám] (2009-12-30)
Checks whether an XML document is well-formed. - W. Jordan
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